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All Is Vanity (2021)

British 1h 12m 2021

Mon 11 Oct 13:15- 14:27

An eccentric photographer, his eager assistant, a jaded makeup artist and a bored model gather for a fashion shoot in a London warehouse. But when one of their number disappears, events take a turn for the bizarre. Beginning as a deft, low-key satire of the hipster fashion world, before continually morphing into something different across its short, breathless runtime, Mereles’ debut feature exudes confidence, managing its many abrupt narrative and tonal changes with wit, control and humour. Beautifully designed and shot, making elegant use of a sparse single location and talented cast, this is UK low-budget narrative feature filmmaking at its most formally exciting, resourceful and entertaining. Paul Ridd


Marcos Mereles




United Kingdom


Malbec Films

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