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Azor (2021)

Film 1h 40m 2021

Thurs 7 Oct 10:30- 12:10

Yvan De Wiel has recently arrived in Buenos Aires with his elegant wife Inés. It’s 1980 and the military dictatorship is consolidating its grip on the country through terror, intimidation and forced disappearances. His predecessor René is nowhere to be seen – perhaps himself disappeared – and Yvan must tread a careful path to balance the interests of his wealthy clients with a perilous political situation. Co-written with Mariano Llinás (La Flor), writer-director Andreas Fontana delivers a nuanced, atmospheric political thriller with a clear nod to Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, capturing the murkiness and danger of the world Yvan does business in, where polished exteriors mask illicit and often deadly practices. Fabrizio Rongione excels as the elusive Yvan, a man who cannot afford to give too much away. Maria Delgado


French, Spanish


Switerland, France, Argentina



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