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Bantú Mama (2021)

Drama 1h 17m 2021

Fri 8 Oct 10:30-11:47

On the run from the police, Emma (Clarisse Albrecht, who also co-writes and produces) finds sanctuary with streetwise teens Shulo (Arturo Perez), Tina (Scarlet Reyes) and their little brother Cuki (Euris Javiel). As she becomes a surrogate ‘mama’ to the family, Emma finds common ground in both the similarities and differences between their Caribbean and African cultures. Ivan Herrera’s film doesn’t just tell Emma’s story, but explores the nuances of a diasporic divide, subtly revealing the fracturing effects of slavery. A bold and visually stylish film, Herrera illustrates the power gained from being a part of a chosen family. Never shying away from the dangerous realities of life in Santo Domingo, Bantú Mama offers a glimmer of compassion and hope. Grace Barber-Plentie


Spanish, French


Dominican Republic



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