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BUT I CAN START A PODCAST FROM MY KITCHEN, RIGHT? – in association with the Hollywood Reporter (2021)

60m 2021

This panel is pre-recorded and is available now. All live, in-person Industry panels will be available to view post-Festival - please check back soon.

In association with the Hollywood Reporter

Please note that this session is pre-recorded

It is a vertiable certainty that you and most likely everyone you know has listened to a podcast. But podcasts are not just entertaining, they are a fast growing industry with applications way beyond your kitchen table. This panel of experts in the space discuss how podcasts have taken hold of the film and televsion industry to become the next BIG thing.

Podcasts have become ubiquitous. Everyone seems to have one, or thinks that they can make one. And with an estimated $1B being spent in advertising dollars in the podcast space, podcasts are simply more than just entertainment – they are a business. This panel discussion with leaders in the podcast space covers a range of vital issues: where podcasts sit as a storytelling medium in the age we live in; what lessons can be learned from how podcasts are developed, financed and distributed for those working in other mediums such as film and television; and how podcasts can contribute to world building of IP. Please note this panel is pre-recorded PANELLISTS INCLUDE STEVE ACKERMAN (EVP, CO-HEAD OF GLOBAL PODCASTS, SONY MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT) ROB HERTING (CEO, QCODE) N’JERI EATON (HEAD OF AUDIO/PODCAST PROGRAMMING, NETFLIX) RUTH FITZSIMONS (MANAGING DIRECTOR, PODFRONT UK) MODERATED BY ALEX RITMAN (UK CORRESPONDENT, THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER)”


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