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Clara Sola (2021)

Film 1h 46m 2021

Thurs 7 Oct 14:45- 16:31

Clara is special. A conduit for nature’s mystical power, she finds meaning and solace in her relationship with animals, insects and plants. Though gifted and unusual, her family and community perceive Clara only as physically afflicted and simple-minded and unconditionally chaste, yet revere her for her ‘Virgin Mary-bestowed’ healing power. But when Clara’s sexuality is stirred by a new arrival to her village, a challenging force is awakened within her. Nathalie Álvarez Mesén’s intuitive direction is daring and defiant, with visionary images and immersive sound design drawing us into Clara’s rapturous, magical world. A fierce indictment of control, which is rapturously realised in Wendy Chinchilla Araya’s sensational physical performance as Clara. Her often wordless movements evoke a caged animal or a phoenix rising from the ashes. Sarah Lutton




Sweden, Costa Rica


Peccadillo Pictures

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