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Colourism in Hair and Make-up: Why Is it Still So Hard? – supported by the Liberation Initiatives (2021)

Event 60m 2021

WED 13 Oct 14:00 - 15:00, VUE 6

Supported by the Liberation Initiatives

We have seen significant changes in representation on screen in the last few years. Yet still. representation “behind the screen” is not always accessible. This panel of hair and makeup artists working across film and television will share their creative journeys as well as discuss how we can see diversity and inclusion in in the hair and makeup craft.

Recently, the National Occupational Standards (NOS) for hairdressing – the nationally recognised practice standards organisation that forms the basis of many competency qualifications across the UK – published an approved set of guidelines that include Afro and textured hair. This means that all new hairdressers will learn to work with Black hair as part of their training. While this may be seen as a step in the right direction, it does not necessarily combat the issue of the lack of diversity amongst Heads of Departments or in fact, the number of BIPOC technicians on a film or television show. This panel will consist of hair and makeup technicians and HODs working in film and television. They will speak about the challenges and advantages of hiring diverse support stylists, what their journeys in the industry have been like, and what practices and strategies we can look at as we move towards a better more inclusive on-set working environment. Please note this panel is pre-recorded. PANELLISTS INCLUDE JAMIKA WILSON (OSCAR WINNER, HAIR - VIOLA DAVIS) ARAXI LINDSEY (HMU - HARDER THEY FALL), KAMANZA AMIHYIA (HMU – BRIDGERTON, SMALL AXE), MODERATED BY JAZZ TANGCAY, VARIETY


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