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Escapism Vs Confrontation: A Journey Into Reality Through XR (2021)

Event 60m 2021

TUE 12 Oct 14:00– 15:00, VUE 6

The means of escape comes in many visual forms which often use XR technology but XR can also be used to depict the world around us in an incredibly unique and evocative way. The artists on this panel will discuss how reality influences their work in XR.

Extended Reality (XR) embraces technology arguably more than any other storytelling medium. But this rapidly expanding body of work is often looked at as a means to help us ‘escape’ from reality –often in the form of fantasy or games – as opposed to reflecting the ‘real’ world. This panel will explore how XR (including Augmented Reality [AR], Mixed Reality [MR] and Virtual Reality [VR]) has been used to expand the ways in which we look at reality; how the convergence of human-computer interactions can spark creativity; and what practical lessons from the world of XR can be applied to other forms of storytelling such as film and series. This panel will explore the work of two innovative visual artists working with XR technology to depict the challenges of everyday life, from Lagos to the UK. Each artist uses immersive tools such as sound design, music and cutting-edge effects to help show us the reality of who we are and the possibilities of who we can be. PANELLISTS INCLUDE SACHA WARES (Adult Children and Museum of Austerity) Adrian Lee (Composer, Adult Children and Museum of Austerity) JOEL KACHI BENSON (Writer-Director, Noah’s Raft and Creative Director, VR360 Stories) Natalia Almada (Writer-Director, USERS) MODERATED BY DEEPA MANN-KLER (Chief Executive at Neon and Visiting Professor In Immersive Futures Ulster University NI)


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