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Little Palestine (Diary of a Siege) (2021)

Documentary 1h 29m 2021

Wed 13 Oct 15:30-16:59

In 2013, the Assad regime blocked all routes in and out of Yarmouk. Under siege, its inhabitants were deprived of food, water and contact with the outside world. Al-Khatib’s camera takes us through the district’s streets, meeting elders and participating in lively protests; children wise beyond their years tell us where they find meaning and whose dreams all involve food. As food shortages reach alarming levels, the regime’s bombing campaign intensifies. Al-Khatib’s poetic reflections, published at the time in 40 Rules of Siege, underscores the escalating disaster: ‘When the future sticks out its tongue sarcastically / When the most obvious answers to simple questions / Are a rare as a lump of sugar’. An act of witness and solidarity, Al-Khatib’s diary is testament to the dignity of the human spirit. Elhum Shakerifar




Lebanon, France, Qatar



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