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Mass (2021)

Drama 1h 51m 2021

Mon 11 Oct 15:00- 16:51

This intelligent drama is anchored by a quartet of magnificent performances from Ann Dowd, Jason Isaacs, Martha Plimpton and Reed Birney, as parents grappling with the aftermath of an unimaginable tragedy. Both families lost a son: one a victim, the other the gunman. In a tense meeting six years later, they attempt to make sense of what happened. It’s a gripping, claustrophobic chamber piece and Kranz’s own background as an actor is evident in the penetrating screenplay and fearless commitment of his cast. Smartly sidestepping the politics of gun violence in favour of a more nuanced exploration of blame, guilt and forgiveness, this is daring filmmaking that announces Kranz as an exciting new voice. Rowan Woods




United States, United Kingdom



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