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Money Has Four Legs (2021)

Film 1h 38m 2021

Wed 6 Oct 13:15- 14:53

Wai Bhone’s first feature is not going quite to plan, due to money-stricken producers, strict censorship and an unreliable crew. Faced with a multitude of obstacles, the desperate young director and his feckless brother-in-law hatch a half-baked plan to ease their money worries. Strongly character-driven, this film seamlessly blends elements of action, slapstick comedy and social realism against a gritty backdrop of urban life in Burma. Maintaining an ironic sense of humour throughout, writer-director Maung Sun also finds innovative ways to critique the weighty issues of corruption and social inequality. As 2020 marks the centenary of Burmese cinema, this refreshing tragicomedy about the history and politics of the film industry could not be more timely. Hyun Jin Cho


Maung Sun


Ma Aeint






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