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Mothers of the Revolution (2020)

British, Documentary 1h 42m 2020

Thurs 7 Oct 09:00- 10:42

In 1981, thousands of women came together to oppose nuclear weapons being installed at an RAF base in Berkshire. It was the start of a series of protests that would last 19 years. Mothers of the Revolution recounts the incredible stories of ordinary women who stepped out of their daily lives to take part in a cause whose ramifications were seismic. Some became instrumental in international politics and others discovered a liberating way of living. Narrated by Glenda Jackson and skilfully directed by Briar March, the film deftly combines archive footage, contemporary interviews and dramatic re-enactments that evocatively bring the protagonists’ stories to life. Unfolding like a thriller, Mothers of the Revolution is an inspiring testament to the courage of these remarkable women. Laure Bonville




United Kingdom, New Zealand


Universal Pictures Content Group

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