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Pedro (2021)

Drama 1h 48m 2021

Thurs 14 Oct 10:45-12:33

In a remote village in the state of Karnataka, where everyone knows everyone, Pedro’s existence is pretty unspectacular. He drinks a lot, speaks very little and is generally considered a nuisance. But things are about to take dramatic turn. Natesh Hegde’s assured feature debut draws from his own experiences, conjuring up a haunting portrait of life in a village that is seldom seen on screen; one that skilfully examines the insularity, divisions and claustrophobia of a small community. Casting his father as the titular Pedro, Hegde interweaves themes of toxic masculinity, communalism, the stifling self-sufficiency of village life and feudalism into a crescendo that, even though it’s a foregone conclusion, still socks you in the gut. Kalpana Nair


Natesh Hegde






Rishab Shetty Films

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