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Queen of Glory (2021)

Comedy 1h 18m 2021

Sat 9 Oct 15:45-17:03

Sarah Obeng (Nana Mensah) has a perfect(ish) life. She’s studying for her PhD, and her married boyfriend has nearly broken things off with his wife. But when her mother suddenly dies, Sarah’s shocked to discover that she’s inherited her Christian bookshop, and she soon finds herself back in her childhood home in the Bronx. As Sarah struggles with funeral arrangements (for both a ‘white people funeral’ and traditional Ghanaian ceremony) and tries to get rid of the shop, she begins to re-evaluate her life. In doing so, she regains a connection to her culture. With a cast of supporting characters, including weed brownie-baking ex-cons and English-football-loving uncles, Queen of Glory is a hilarious and touching film that breathes new life into the tropes of millennial comedy. Grace Barber-Plentie


Nana Mensah




United States



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