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The Creative Pivot: How Virtual Production is Changing the Game for Everyone (2021)

Event 60m 2021

SAT 9 OCT 11:00 – 12:00, VUE6

In Partnership With Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden

There has been no more of an important time to pivot creatively than the last two years. Join us for this panel of experts working in virtual production discussing how technology has opened the possibilities for everyone working in film and television today.

The past 18 months have forced film and television productions to pivot every which way. While the abrupt and unexpected change has thrown up countless challenges, it has also forced the industry to engage with new modes of working, by generating opportunities for technology to play an increasingly expanded role in creativity. There is arguably no more exciting development in this area than the virtual production stage, particularly in the access and ability it grants to expand creative thinking in effective and efficient ways. This panel of experts in the world of virtual production will discuss the possibilities that it can open up for films and series at every budget level. They will highlight the creative strategies they have employed to get the most out of the technology and how thinking differently about production offers so many opportunities for directors, producers and actors/performers.
James Whitlam (Managing Director Episodic, Framestore)
RYAN BEAGAN (Vice President of Virtual Production, Warner Bros),
ANGUS BICKERTON (Visual Effects Supervisor)
Lisa Gray (Executive Producer, Bild Studios),
MODERATED BY Chris Evans (Locations editor, Screen International and KFTV)


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