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The Dance (2021)

Documentary 1h 27m 2021

Tue 12 Oct 15:30-16:57

In this revealing document of the creation of a new dance suite, Pat Collins (Silence, Song of Granite) again explores the relationships between tradition and innovation, place and productivity, articulacy and artistry. Ten weeks before ‘Mám’ premieres in Dublin, acclaimed choreographer Michael Keegan-Dolan brings a dozen international dancers, a European classical-contemporary music ensemble and concertina virtuoso Cormac Begley to the Dingle Peninsula for conversation, improvisation and rehearsal. Keegan-Dolan’s methods may initially seem haphazard for translating near-abstract ideas into movement and music, but Collins’ characteristically imaginative, illuminating use of a patient, carefully placed camera and deft, elegant editing catches how, slowly but surely, tentative experiments produce something structured, expressive… and exhilarating. Geoff Andrew






South Wind Blows

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