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The Neutral Ground (2021)

Documentary 1h 22m 2021

Thurs 14 Oct 12:30-13:52

When comedian and The Daily Show field producer heard about a divisive motion to remove four Confederate monuments in New Orleans, he decided to make a funny YouTube video about it. But this project, coupled with Hunt’s own questioning of race in America fuelled something larger – an attempt to try to untangle the complex history of the monuments. Using an affable interview style reminiscent of Louis Theroux, Hunt sets off on a thought-provoking journey through Civil War re-enactments and protests, to try and understand those fighting for and against the statues. Continuing the debates about monuments that raged across the world last summer, The Neutral Ground is a vital and sharply funny investigation into the legacies of white supremacy. Grace Barber-Plentie




United States


One Drop Pictures

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