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The Odd-Job Men (2021)

Documentary 1h 25m 2021

Mon 11 Oct 14:00-15:25

It’s all change for a small plumbing company on the outskirts of Barcelona. Moha is on a week’s trial as Pep prepares for retirement, but fellow worker Valero isn’t convinced that Moha is what the firm needs. So begins a week in which all three men navigate a series of challenges that the job throws at them. From Neus Ballús (The Plague, Staff Only), one of Catalonia’s most adventurous filmmakers, comes a smart, insightful comedy about masculinity and the emigré experience. Shot in chronological order, the film strikingly blends documentary and fiction to creative effect, with the trio of real-life plumbers — Mohamed Mellali, Valero Escolar, and Pep Sarrà — offering a wonderful and unique window into what it means to embrace both difference and change. Maria Delgado


Catalan, Spanish




Beta Cinema GmbH

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