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The Storms of Jeremy Thomas (2021)

British, Documentary 1h 34m 2021

Wed 6 Oct 15:00- 16:34

Adopting a typically leftfield but also striking approach to documentary portraiture, prolific filmmaker and hardcore cinephile Mark Cousins frames his film about Jeremy Thomas – producer of landmark works by Oshima, Bertolucci and Cronenberg, amongst others – around a long car journey they share to the Cannes Film Festival. Comprising an entertainingly freewheeling conversation, expansive film clips and archive, loving testimonies from the likes of Tilda Swinton and Debra Winger, and candid observational footage, Cousins’ film examines Thomas’ various professional and personal passions and preoccupations. We not only learn about Thomas’ colossal impact on independent cinema, but also of his obsession with fast cars, sex and art in an unconventional, always fascinating film. A fittingly offbeat tribute to a true maverick and cinema hero. Paul Ridd


Mark Cousins


David P. Kelly




United Kingdom


Curzon Film

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