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The Wolf Suit (2021)

British, Documentary 1h 16m 2021

Fri 8 Oct 14:45-16:01

‘This is a film about remembering,’ states Firth at the start of her feature documentary debut. Troubled by conflicting accounts of her parents’ break-up and the happy childhood memories of when they all lived together in Walthamstow, she embarks on an emotional exploration of those recollections – and by extension the notion of truth – and details the results of tapping into them. Employing a wide range of narrative and exploratory devices – from video journal entries and interviews with her parents, to dramatic reconstructions using actors and her parents as co-directors – the film explores a painful and often surprising territory. Crafted with great sensitivity and flair, The Wolf Suit is a fascinating film about subjectivity, trauma, family dynamics and the stories we tell ourselves. Laure Bonville


Sam Firth




United Kingdom


Lacunae Films

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