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Welcome to Spain (2021)

Documentary 1h 32m 2021

Sun 10 Oct 15:30- 17:02

Spain sure knows how to make you feel welcome. Well, just so long as it’s for a visit. Director Juan Antonio Moreno provides narration for his film – wryly referencing Spanish tourist commercials – whose focus is a oncefamous brothel, now a hostel, in the heart of picturesque Seville. He documents the arrival of new visitors to the country, thankful that they are in a place where locals are friendly and accompanied by relief that refuge has been found. However, it soon becomes apparent that increasing anti-immigrant sentiments, as well as the world beyond the doors of the hostel, pose new and unsettling challenges. An irreverent yet sobering portrait of a divided world, Welcome to Spain is a unique and fascinating portrait of the immigrant experience. Lynn Nwokorie






Berta Film

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