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White Building (2021)

Film 1h 30m 2021

Fri 8 Oct 15:30-17:00

Aspiring dancer Samnang and his family are part of a close knit community in the White Building – a prominent apartment block and cultural landmark of the Cambodian capital. They find their lives suddenly shattered by the news of their home’s impending demolition, to make way for a new development. Things are made even worse when, fighting against the inevitable, Samnang’s father develops a mysterious illness; yet in the struggle they find solidarity, even joy. Following the acclaimed documentary_ Last Night I Saw You Smiling_, Neang’s fiction debut is a triumph of economic and inventive storytelling. The subdued, naturalistic performances fuse wonderfully with the dramatic narrative and nonfiction elements to create a truly captivating testament to ‘home’ and a hymn of resistance to urban displacement. Hyun Jin Cho


Central Khmer


Cambodia, France, China


Les Films du Losange

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